It hadn’t been an easy decision. Though. He had made his intensions clear.

What he had done to my family, was something I could never forgive. He had hurt Sookie, tried to abuse Claudine, and I had no intention of letting him get away with any of it.

The fact that he is the king. I don’t care. I…

Moonlight & Roses - A Tale From Another Realm - Part 4

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: After a sociable evening with my Grandfather, Niall and having to generally smile for the evening listening to tales of woe and worry about my stay in the human realm, I had been happy for the brief escape that Sebastian had been kind enough to help me with. I had the most amazing sleep, in the biggest bed that I had seen for a while. Though when I woke, I knew their was something missing. Fae was wonderful, and I enjoyed being around my family. But I had come to the conclusion my heart really could not be away from the human realm for too long. Something … Someone had such a pull on me now. That without him I felt as though I couldn’t breathe.

Walking through the gardens of the palace grounds, my thoughts were truly with my heart. The only thing on my mind, was Jake.

The day after the ball

After a nice long walk through the palace gardens, I head over to the nursery to check on little Elvey, he has been having lessons on the ways of court and how things are. Though I do think he’s rather young to be going through all of that. Especially at 2. But maybe that’s just my human lifestyle now taking over. 

Watching as he sits looking rather bored, I wish I could sneak him out and take him to play ball in the grounds, but grandfather has insisted that he takes his lessons to learn the right ways.

As the day draws on, I leave a message for my grandfather Niall letting him know that I am free if he needs me for anything and I also send a message to Sebastian enquiring about his health and making sure he is doing alright. Heading back to my room, I decide to take a nice long nap. Thinking of my love Jake wondering if he is doing well and missing me as much as I miss him.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf The way she smiles. The way her eyes flash with laughter. The dark of her hair contrasted with her milky white skin. I circle the edge of a lake and find myself at the Temple of Venus. My feet have led me here without my having planned it.* 

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: After what appeared to be a very relaxing nap during the afternoon. I was finally awoken by the the hugs of a small boy. My little Elvey was curled in my arms. Squeezing in to him i couldnt help but smile. His lessons must have finished. He was wandering when Jake was coming. He missed him dearly. As did i. I hadnt planned on sleeping for that long. Getting up and out of bed. Deciding to change i take Elvey and head out to the palace grounds to play. As the only person who seemed to talk to me out of the confines of the palace. I wonder if I will see Sebastian today.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *I walk inside the Temple, hesitant, reverent, and curious. Inside, there are no altars, no statues, but the ceiling above is a testament to the goddess for whom the temple is named. The room is light and airy, open on all sides to the lake, and I can feel her very presence here. I gaze in silence on the water, the sky, and then my eyes lift up to see her visage above me, and my lips murmur a quiet prayer, hopeful and fervent. Venus is fickle, but I hope that she will look on me kindly, hear my plea.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *As I gaze over the tree tops watching the sun going down. I can’t help but think of Jake and how I much miss him. Heading over to my bed, I slip inside the covers and pull my phone out. He should still get the message, but when I don’t know. Tapping Jakes number into my phone, I send him a message.* “My darling love. I miss you dearly. I hope you are well and that Pamela is keeping you company and looking after you. Elvey is striving in his surroundings. But he too is missing you almost as much as me. I can’t wait to be home. I hope it to be soon. I love you. C xxx” *Turning over and placing my phone on the bedside table, I hug into my pillow, knowing that the one thing in my mind will be of my love, Jake.*

Moonlight & Roses - A Tale From Another Realm - Part 3

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: waiting in the gardens as the revelers begin to leave the ball, wondering if I’ll catch a glimpse of her, wondering if she’ll remember and appear, I stand, trying to appear nonchalant, but I can feel my tension building. What if the interest was one-sided? Did I imagine it? Was she only being polite?*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Finally managing to say my fair wells to some of the guests, tired of all the politeness and tension. I managed to slip away, hopefully unnoticed and headed out into the gardens. They looked divine as always and I took in the deep fresh air.*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *just as I am about to abandon hope, she steps into the moonlight and my breath catches at the sight of her. I stand for a few moments still hidden by the garden wall, watching her, then I gather my courage and move toward her, a smile playing on my lips as I whisper* Are your obligations thus dispatched? Shall we walk, my lady?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Looking out over the gardens, hearing a voice, smiling as I see Sebastian coming out of the shadows.* Finally. Though something tells me I wasn’t supposed to leave.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *soft laugh* Your grandfather keeping you occupied? Will he mind terribly that you are here with me?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Looking back to the open door that leads back inside.* Well. For once I think I am going to enjoy my freedom. Shall we wonder? *Smiling, I walk down the stone path towards the main path leading through the garden*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *clasps my hands behind my back, trying not to seem too forward, I walk beside you, eyes shining* I understand you have an infant ward, is that right?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: Smiles, thinking of little Elvey* Yes. He was held captive with his parents… *Though decides not to reveal too much* and well, as he was on the human realm, and I live there now, it was fitting that I take him in.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *nods, glancing over at you* And do you like it there? Among the humans, I mean? Are they not savages?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Laughs somewhat* Oh good lord no. You do have some… well. Strange ones. But the majority are simple and well unique in their own special way. But they no longer come under the category of savages.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf:*raises my eyebrows in surprise* You will have to excuse my ignorance. I have never travelled there. I have only heard tales. Perhaps one day you can show me the reason for the appeal. And the child? You mean to keep him?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: Really? *Forgetting that not all fae are sent, especially in this era, due to the fact that there are still few and far between.* It is magnificent. I love it truly. *finding myself, forgetting my place.* The child? Yes. I have grown to love him, like he was my own.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *smiles* I am sure that you would make a very good mother. The child is very lucky to have such a caring parent.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf:Thank you Sebastian. Your kind words are heart warming. I hope that I do live up to them. *Walking through the over hanging trees, looking up, though unable to see the twinkling stars above them.* He seems to be doing extremely well. Though I thought a trip to Fae would be good for him.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: Indeed. *glances up, following your gaze* He should learn about his own kind. There is much we can teach him. Has he no father? You’ll pardon my asking, but I see no ring on your finger and your grandfather mentioned no husband. *pause* I hope I am not too forward in asking.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Sighs* That is why I decided to come home for a while. His true parents, were murdered. *looks away, hating the memory of what had happened to him. Glancing down at her own hand as he mentioned the lack of ring.* My grandfather never mentions anything of that sort. *smirks,* I have no husband. Though. I am seeing someone. *smiles hesitantly, wondering, whether grandfather had set this up all along.*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: Seeing someone? *tilts my head at you with slight confusion* I am not sure what this phrase means. Is there….an understanding between you?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: Oh yes. Of course. I am sorry. *Not sure how to word it, as I am not promised to Jake, though I give myself to him fully. Though without grandfathers official approval.* Erm… Well. I suppose we do have an understanding.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *disappointed and embarrassed, I try to hide my reaction* Ah. I see. Well…I do hope that he appreciates and treats you with the respect you deserve. *thinking that if you were mine, you would be more certain of my intentions*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: Thank you Sebastian. I know he holds me dear to his heart… and him to mine. *turning and looking at you.* You say grandfather never mentioned it?

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *shakes my head* No. But I have never spoken to him since I got here. It has been ages, in fact. I was a boy the last time I was at court. My parents prefer the quiet life. *eyes on the ground, I study the patterns of moonlight on the path ahead* I wish you every happiness. *feeling awkward*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: Wait. The last time you were at court, you were a mere boy? *smiles, memories coming back* By any chance running around, and having to be removed by the court guards at all?

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *soft chuckle* Um…yes, I am afraid I was a bit naughty. I did say I didn’t listen to my mother very well. *looks over at you pleased that you remember* Were you here to witness that debacle? My mother was mortified.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: ‎*The redness in my cheeks sneaking through again.* Yes. I was. I was with my brother and sister Claude and Claudette, we were watching you. They thought it was absolutely diabolical. Though, I thought you rather brave. Taking on the guards the way you did. *smiles*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *laughs* I only wanted to visit the library. No one told me that it was off limits. Who knew that one could get in such difficulty over some bound volumes of paper. *shakes head* I’m afraid I said some rather shocking things. I know it is late in coming, but I do apologize for the offense.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Smiling, almost chuckling* Oh please Sebastian, there is no need to apologise. If I remember correctly, it was the highlight of my day… May have even been my year!

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *laughs* Was it so? Well, then perhaps I should brave the dungeons again. *lunges forward as if to go to the library again*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Grabbing hold of you pulling back* oh heavens no Sebastian. *can’t help but laugh*The library is one thing… but the dungeons! As a boy you got away with it… Now you wouldn’t.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *winks* As you wish. *walking a little closer* Your brother and sister…have they joined you here?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *My laughter remaining slightly.* No. They have not. They well… don’t call it home any more to be honest. *Looks away, not wanting to really explain too much, especially about Detty*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *I sense your hesitancy and I smile* Forgive me. I did not mean to pry. I hope I have not offended you.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: Of course not Sebastian. You have been nothing less of a gentleman this evening. *Starting to feel the cold night air.* Though, I believe the wind may be picking up slightly, and I did not bring a shawl with me. Would you mind ever so much, walking me back?

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: Of course! *removes my jacket* May I? *holds it out to you to wrap around your shoulders*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Smiles, grateful for the jacket, as you place it around my shoulders.* You have been too kind to me this evening Sebastian.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *my hands linger only for a moment on your arms, then I pull back slightly* You deserve every kindness. *smiles*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Noticing your brief linger, I worry that I may have given off the wrong impression. the last thing I intend to do is lead you on. I had forgotten how easy it was in Fae to do that.* Thank you Sebastian. As do you.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: Come. You are right. It is cold. I will see you to your door. *I bite my lip, smiling a little, and we walk back through the garden together in silence, the doors to the palace closing behind us*

Moonlight & Roses - A Tale From Another Realm - Part 2

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *watching the dancers as I wait for my granddaughter Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf to arrive at the ball*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Having finally decided on something to wear. A blue dress that used to belong to my mother. Leaving Elvey with the maid, I make my way to the ball. Taking a deep breath as I wonder what is in stall for me.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *Tapping my foot in time with the music, I watch the light-footed elegant paces of the dance with a bemused expression*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: ‎*As I glide down the corridors, the guards bowing their heads slightly as I pass, I hold my head high as I approach the doors to the ball room.* Here goes nothing Claudine.

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *the doors to the ball room open and the dancers pause as Claudine is announced. They begin to clap and bow, and I rise to greet her* My dear granddaughter. How good it is to have you back amongst us! *beckoning her to come forward*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Exhaling, finally, she smiles as she walks into the room. Nodding politely at everyone, wishing they wouldn’t all stare at her and just let her come in unnanouced. Well. That was Grandfather for you.* Thank you Grandfather. It is nice to be amongst family and friends. *she bowed to grandfather.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *beaming at her, I bow my head to her in turn, then clap for the dancing to begin again. As they start the music once more, I come forward and take Claudine’s hand* Come, child. I would make some introductions. This is a ball. We cannot have you left out of the festivities.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: Smiling at her grandfather, she took his hand, and followed him. Introductions. She knew everyone. How on earth, she shook her head with a smile. He always knew best.* Of course. After all it is a ball.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: Having newly arrived after being summoned to the palace, I am tired from my long journey. My family does not spend much time at court, so I find the formality awkward. I am grateful when my partner finds another match more suitable to her taste, and, stepping away from the dance, I stand by the feasting tables. When the prince’s granddaughter Claudine is announced, I turn to look with a lazy glance toward Prince Niall. My indifference melts away, however, as I see the lovely creature on his arm*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: ‎*Walking with Grandfather, I smile and nod politely at the different people he introduces me to. I feel I am slightly getting face ache from all the smiling. I was sure it was never hard work to smile before.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *I wrap Claudine’s hand around my arm and lead her around the room, making introductions with a smile and a bow. Some of the guests are not used to being at court, having been brought here by special invitation, and I am amused by their uncertainty of manner*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *I see them coming in my direction, and I have half a mind to run, but I stand straight, take a deep breath, and smile with what I hope appears to be confidence*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *As her grandfather leads her towards a few others, she notices one who doesn’t appear to be here through will. Kind of like herself. She bows her head courtiously, and smiles.* Good evening. Thank you for coming. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *approaching my true aim, I take a deep bow, pausing with Claudine directly in front of a dark haired handsome fae who is obviously not comfortable in this setting* Ah! Sebastian. Dear boy. How good to see you. *grinning like the cat who ate the canary* It has been far too long. How are your parents?

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: ‎*bows my head* They are very well, thank you. *nervous smile, taking a quick glance at Claudine out of the corner of my eye, hoping I don’t look too obvious*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Smiling as I look between Grandfather and Sebastian, his name rang a bell, but wasn’t sure why. She nodded politely at him as he conversed with Grandfather.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: Good. Very good. Give them my regards, won’t you? *turns to look at Claudine* Have you met my granddaughter? She is but newly arrived from the human realm.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *looking directly at Claudine, I feel my cheeks flush a little, and I bow once more* I have not had the pleasure. Sebastian O Braonain, at your service.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Glancing at him, smiling, she bowed her head slightly.* It is a pleasure to meet you Sebastian. *Normally I would have called him by his surname, but he seemed of the same age, so this would have been acceptable*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *noticing the way he looks at her, I smile inwardly, then turn to look at the dancers almost absently* Pity you neither one have partners. Perhaps you would do my dear granddaughter the honor of a dance, Sebastian? *I look back at him under an arched brow*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *startled, I look to the lady* Of…of course. Please, my lady, may I have the honor? *holding out my hand toward her*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *smiling politely, I turn to my Grandfather, not sure whether I want to dance, but unfortunately, cannot say no.* Of course. I would be delighted. *Placing my hand in yours, nodding to grandfather.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *I nod and back away again, watching as they step out together, hoping that this merry meeting goes according to my plan*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *leading her out amongst the other dancers, I place my hand on her waist and take her hand in mine as we begin to dance* Will you be long at court? *trying to make small talk*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Smiling as he takes my hand in his, his hand around my waist, as we start to dance amongst the others. Though, I feel everyones eyes upon us.* I am not sure. I have yet to decide. And yourself?

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: ‎*soft laugh* Are my country manners so readily apparent as that? I confess I am not so comfortable here yet myself.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Smiling as you lead me around the dance floor.* I wouldn’t dare say. *laughing a little* Though, I do believe you are doing well. Is it your first time at court?

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *shakes head* No, it is not, but it has been quite some time. I was a youngster and I fear I was not so attentive to my mother’s lessons on proper etiquette. *watching my feet but trying not to be obvious about it* I do hope you’re enjoying your stay.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: ‎*Smiles, taking over leading, though making it still look like he is doing it.* Oh really? You were a rebel child I see? *Laughs slightly.* I haven’t been home long. I was missing my kin and felt I needed to return home for a while.

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *I can sense her attempts to make me seem less oafish and I relax, charmed by her ability to put me at ease* Well, I for one am glad to know it. Have you any plans for your visit here? Or are you at his highness’ beck and call?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: I don’t really have any plans. Though. *Glancing over at Grandfather who appears to watching, intently at them both.* he may have plans for me. *Looking back at you, smiling.*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *soft laugh, leading her away and hoping he does not overhear us* I mean no disrespect, of course. But should you wish to have a bit of an escape from those plans, perhaps I can be of service to you.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Notices them moving somewhat off the dance floor.* You know something Sebastian. I may have to take you up on that offer. *Glancing around, still aware of all the eyes upon them.*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *nods* Very well. I am sure it is obvious that this is not a setting in which I am most comfortable. I’m afraid I’m not much of one for formal parties. But perhaps a walk in the garden would suit us both better. Once your obligations are over, of course.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: A walk in the gardens would be nice. Thank you. *nods politely as the dance finishes. Another guest bows offering me his hand, I take it reluctantly. Mouthing to Sebastian. “Soon… Please?” as she danced away with the other fae man.*

Sebastian O Braonain-Vilf: *nods smiling, I mouth back* Midnight. I will be waiting.

Moonlight & Roses - A Tale From Another Realm - Part 1

*Sitting on the floor in the living room, wondering what on earth I thought when I had decided to take a vacation with Elvey to visit Grandfather. It had been a while since I had been to Faery and I was starting to miss home. I wasn’t sure how long we would go for but, I needed to have a break. Detty was back and she was her usual twisted self and I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with her newlyfound arrogance. Since she had been with Bill, it had raised it’s ugly head again. It was a shame really, though I can’t really blame Bill. After all they say that everything about you magnifies when your a vampire. And she always was stubborn and arrogant as a Fae. Sighing I get up and get myself a drink. I needed the break. There was so much to do before we went away. I had arranged with Niall that we would be up before the sun rose the next day. I still had a little bit of time. I wanted to pop by and see Eríc before I went, let him know where we were as I was sure Sookie was away on slayer business. Shaking my head as I looked at the packing still to be done, I wonder whether Jake would be around as I know Elvey would want to give him the painting he had done for him with his birthday present.*

*Heading over to Eric’s with a note in hand. I know he will be asleep. Seeing the blue box in the corner of the garden I smile, thinking of how Peter and Fantasia seem to be getting on. Grinning as I’m let inside by the cleaner who smiles. Leaving the note for Eric for when he wakes up. “Eric. Elvey and myself are heading to Faery for a while. I’m not sure how long for. It may be a week, or a month. But I’ll be in touch. Love to you and the family. Tell Sookie I’ll miss her and I’ll send grandfather her love. Claudine. xx” Leaving the note on the side, the cleaner smiling. I leave and head back home to make sure everything is ready for our trip.*

*Holding Elvey, I orb to Jake’s home. Thinking he’ll be rising soon. Putting Elvey down as we enter, he runs into Jakes room. Kisses him on the cheek and points.* Jaksy? *Smiling and whispering* No sweety. Jake can’t come. He has to stay and look after everything here. Just the two of us going to see grandfather. *Picking him up, leaning in and stroking his hair, I kiss him tenderly* See you soon my love. *Elvey takes the painting he’d made of Jake, Me, Pam, Elvey and the cat and puts it on the bed next to Jake as he rests. Smiling, I turn and leave.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *moving toward our pre-arranged meeting place, I stand at the crossroads between Faery and the human realm just before dawn. The barrier between worlds is weak here by my choosing, and I am drawn to look up at the sky, seeing an impossible mixture of constellations above my head. Crack of a twig. Is it her? I peer down the path ahead and see one small light. She brings the child with her, a fact which makes me smile. There are so few fae children these days, each one is a precious gift*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Arriving at the spot I had arranged to meet with grandfather. Elvey squirming around in my arms as we get there. He runs off in front of me. Shaking my head.* Elvey! *As I see my grandfather, the smile on my face widens* Grandfather. *She can’t help but run towards him and give him a huge hug*

Niall Brigant-Vilf:*I put my arms around Claudine, and I can feel her anxiety melt into relief* It is good to see you at last, my dear. It has been many months now. *looking down, I smile at Elvey* I see the young one is looking well. *I pull away from her and bend down to pick him up* What a lovely child he is.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: I know Grandfather. *She held her thoughts together. Knowing he would ask of her reason for returning home for a while.* He is doing very well. Running. Talking, well to a degree. Thank you for meeting me. *She smiled as Elvey stood behind her a little, slightly unsure of the man.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: ‎‎*chuckling softly at the child’s reticence* He has not been much with his own kind. It will be good for him to be among us for a time and learn our ways. We will make him stronger so he can live up to the promise of his name one day. *I rise to my full height, dropping the guise of wizened grandfather, allowing you to see me in my true form* Come child. We must away. The gap between the worlds cannot be held open for long in these dangerous times. *I held out my arm to her, smiling with a flash of sharp fae teeth, eyes flashing with starlight and magic*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: ‎*Nodding, taking your arm. Though pausing for a moment, as I look back. My mind on Jake. Wondering about how he will be without me about for a while. She smirked somewhat thinking how Eric and Pam would probably enjoy the fact I am. Making him work his butt off even more at Fangs.* Yes. I’m coming. * She offers Elvey her hand, and he takes it willingly.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf:‎*Claudine’s thoughts about Jake come in clearly to me, but I politely decline to comment. We turn and begin to move toward the Faery realm, and I weave the words to close the gap once more. As I do so, the human stars wink out one by one until at last they disappear all together*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf:‎*Smiling down at Elvey, who too had looked back and was thinking of Jake. He had looked up and seen the stars winking out one by one and was pointing upwards.* It’s ok Elvey, Jake can still see them. *She picked him up and could feel his sadness as he watched the place they had just come from.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf: Your rooms are waiting for you, and I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of arranging a little celebration of sorts in your honor. Also, it is high time the child was presented at court. One day, he may be called upon to lead our people.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Looking at my grandfather, hoping he really hadn’t said what I thought he had said.* Oh. Well. Yes. Of course. When will the celebrations be? *She tried to smile, as Elvey heard his name and looked at us both.*

Niall Brigant-Vilf:‎*I gave a soft chuckle* You do worry too much, my dear. The ball will not be until tomorrow night. You have some time to make preparations. And for our little elven warrior too. *looking over and winking at her*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf:‎*Smiling thinking maybe being around people was what she needed. She was missing her family. And she did need to make sure Elvey was with his own kind for a bit.* Erm Grandfather. How did you mean, that Elvey may be called upon to lead our people?

Niall Brigant-Vilf: *I looked over at her seriously* Oh child, our numbers are dwindling. One day his people may need him. When he is old enough, then we shall see what he may do. I believe there is strength in him that will grow as he matures. With proper training, he will be a leader among our kind.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: *Looking at Elvey who seems to be listening, but not sure if he understands.* Here that little guy. You could be amazing! *Kissing him on his head, he looks at me and smiles. Placing his hands on my face.* I know sweetheart.

Niall Brigant-Vilf:*reaching the edge of the palace grounds, we stand at the gate to the labyrinth. With a snap of my fingers the gates open, and I bow deeply* After you, my dear.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: ‎*Looking at my grandfather and his gesture. I really wasn’t looking forward to the welcome home I was about to get. But I held my breath and headed in. Hugging Elvey in tightly.*

Because you always make me smile with the music you make!

Because you always make me smile with the music you make!


Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf *Making sure everything and everyone was settled at home, I pull out my phone and type a quick message to you. “Hello beautiful. I hope you are well? Just wanted to see how you were and what you were up to? We need a catch up, it’s been way too long. And I miss…

Fun with Sweet Little Fanny Part 2

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*giggles loudly .. Then stops as I look around and see i’m attracting some attention form my abnormal laugh* Right .. Yea.. Vampires, and .. stuff. *grins and takes the last bite out of my doughnut and a sip of my latte* well, I hope it’ll be okay. It’ll be fun I reckon. *smiles* i’m almost finished with my coffee, shall we go get jake somethin’? Oh, and shoes! *grins*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*she smiles as Fanny understands why I wouldn’t go to Fangs on an open night, taking the last glug of my coffee* Yes, lets, something nice for jake… and me *winks, but slightly blushes too* And some nice red hot shoes to go with that lovely dress we just got!

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*nodding lots as we leave the shop and down the mall to the next one* I can’t wait! *grinning wide looking up at you* Do you know what we’re gonna get?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*linking my arm with yours* I haven’t he faintest idea. I was thinking some nice heels for you.. and maybe for me *smirks*


Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*giggles* Sounds awesome! *we walk into the shoe shop and I gallop over to some dark red ones I spot from far away* ohmygodIwantthese.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*leaving Fanny to go look at hers, I head over to have a quick look at some for Elvey, but also something nice for me.* I’m just over here Fanny.

Fantasia Northman-Vilf Okie! *smiles and finds a stool to sit down whilst I try them on* Mehh. *tilts head and walks around in them* I don’t think these look right. *picks up some others and tries them on, walks aroudn a bit* These ones!!!!!!!!

Fantasia Northman-Vilf THEEEEESEEE ONESSSSS! *grinning wide*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*looking up I head over to you and see that you have found some lovely “skull ones” * you know, they would probably work really well for your work at Fangtasia!

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*grnning wide with a nod* Exactly! And I love the bow on theb ack too. *pops them under my arm* Have you found some?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*shrugs* I’m good, I’m sure I’ll find some. So are we going with these then? *Glancing at you and smiling, seeing that you have already made that decision*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*nods confidently* Yes! These are perfect. *grins and walks with you over to the till* do you have the card? *grins feeling excited about my new pumps wondering if Pam would like them*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf I’ve got these for you my dear. *takes the shoes off you and grins* Pam will love them, but I’m not buying her a pair too. *smirks and heads to the till*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf Thanks so much! *smiles and hugs you then follows you to the till* Hehehe nah .. She has loads, trust me I know… *rolls my eyes*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Smirks as I get out my card to pay for the shoes getting some cushioning insoles and some blister packs to help with breaking them in.* Thank you, *Turning to fanny* Right then. I just need to nip to one last shop, unless you have somewhere else you want to go?

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*smiles and takes the box* Nope, I got everything I think! *nods* thank you once again, I think i’m gonna wear these out of work too. *grins*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf: ‎*grins and leads you over to the last place I need to visit before we head home* You know, they go really nicely with a black pencil skirt.   

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*gasps as I see the disney store ahead, looks at you grinning* Yes! You’re really good at fashion! *smiles with a nod* I think I may need more tips from ya. *giggles as we enter the store* Disney is amaziiiing ..

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Grins* I know, I have an idea on a gift for Elvey. He loves Disney too. and you know my door is always open to you! Just be warey, Jake does stay over quite a bit. *blushes a little*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*nods* Yep, thank you .. *smiles softly then giggles* Okie, well i’ll pick the room furthest from yours tehe .. *picks up a micky mouse teddy* Awwwwww!

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Can’t help but giggle at your comment* We’re not that bad! And that is soo cute. I think Elvey has a bit of love towards goofy!

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*laughs* Goofy is cute! Are you gonna get him something gooy-ish then? *smiles*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Well, I want to get him a nice goofy bear, and maybe some goofy cutlery. I may even change his room to disney for christmas, I’m sure he’d love it *grins as I find a decent goofy*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*smiles* Aww I reckon he’ll just love it! *uses my finger to go through the postcards with characters on the front and speaks prolonging my words* Claudine … You know Bill?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Looking through some of the other cuddly toys seeing a nice grumpy that think I will get for Jake, I turn to you as I hear Bill’s name* Unfortunately. Why

Fun with Sweet Little Fanny - Part 1

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Seeing Fanny come back into the kitchen i put my cup in the dishwasher say my goodbyes to Sookie and look over at Fanny* You ready for shopping my dear? — withFantasia Northman-Vilf and Sookie TheSlayer Northman-Vilf.

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*nods with a smile* Never been more ready! *picks up a cardigan from a chair and walks to the door opening it for you* after you! *grins*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*smiling over at you as you seem to practically skip out of the room, I follow placing my hand in yours.* We’ll go my way. *winks*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*gasps, my eyes widening some..* You mean… *makes a poofing gesture with my hands* Poof way? *swallows, smiling gettign a little nervous, but excited all at the same time*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*laughs at your hand gesture* Indeed I do. You remember the drill?

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*nods* Uh huh! *shuts my eyes tight, squeezing your hand* i’m ready.

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Good *grinning as I take hold of your other hand* Deep breath Fanny dear…. *focuses on where I want us to be and a few moments later the wind brushes through our hair, squeezing your hand I let go and smile* You can open your eyes my dear.

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*cracks one eye open and looks around causiously* Woah.. I don’t think i’ve ever done that before.. Are we at the mall? *looks up at you beside me with a tiny smile*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*grins* we certainly are here. So then my dear where do you want to go first? *links my arm in with yours*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*thinks..* Hmm.. I think it would be good to look for something to wear first, then we can decide on the shoes and accessories.. so maybe a dress.. i’m thinkin’.. little black dress..? *grins and looks at you in hope*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Fair enough! *smiles as I lead us to the lbd shop* Well I need to pop into a specific shop, need to get Jake little something for our 6 months next week. *giggles and tries not to go too red*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*my mouth opens wide into a massive cheshire grin* Ohmygod! congrats! *hugs you quickly as we turn into the shop entrance* that’s a heck of a long time.. go you guys!

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*laughs and hugs you back* Yes, I guess it is. Don’t know what I’d do without him to be honest, he’s my best friend, he’s my everything. *smirks* Well.. Lets see what they have in here. *leads you inside the dress shop*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*soft sigh with a small frown* Yes… bill, is kind of that.. sort of, maybe.. *shrugs and goes through the clothing line and picks out a dress* this looks perfect! Lemme go try it on! *grins and skips into the dressing room*  

Fantasia Northman-Vilf *steps out of the dressing room with a hidden grin, trying to pull the dress down a little* What do ya think? *grins* 

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*blinks* Fanny are you wearing stockings? *laughs and shakes my head thinking how much you take after your mother!*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*grins, proud that i’m like my mother..nods* Uhh, yea! *giggles* Soo, this is a maybe?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Hmmm. *Frowns slightly, not sure that it wise for you to actually work at Fangs, but who was I to argue with Eric, after all what could really go wrong?” It’s a possible. Shows off your legs! *laughs*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*winks grinning* If you got it! Flaunt it! *giggles and quickly rushes over to grab another dress* Now for this one! *closes the curtain*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Smiles* You certainly have it my dear. *Sitting down in one of the changing room chairs, I wait for the next run way show.*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*struts out and does a little pose* Tadaaaah! *grinning* 

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Hmmm… maybe a little too much for Fangs? Though could be good for school prom! *smirks*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*gasps* YES! Perfect. *confident nod* Okay, so not this one.. How abouuut… this one?! *pops back inside the curtain*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*grins, happy that you seem to be enjoying yourself so much* You know there are many other shops we can try not just this one.

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*opens the curtain and leans against the doorframe placing a hand on my hip* Do you like it? I love this one! *looks at it* 

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Ooo now that I like! That would work extremly well at fangs *grins, thinking I could do with a dress like that*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf Woohoo! *sqwee’s* Okay. So, I think this is THE ONE. *breathes in relieved* That was eaiser than I thought.. But shoes will be difficult.. accessories.. mehh, have no idea! *pops back behind the curtain and gets dressed, walks out with dress in hand*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Well, *takes the dress from you and heads over to the cashier but stops at the little table placed with a few bangles and so forth* Hmmm anything on here you think may go?

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*picks up the pretty purple bangle and ring with tiny bead on and a silver necklace* I love these ones! *grins and pops them on the table*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Smiling at Fanny as the cashier takes the things through the till.* We’ll finish off here and there’s the other little place I think. Then we will have to have a nice coffee and a cream cake.

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*giggles* Okay, sounds good to me! *takes the bag from the cashier ladie with a smile* Okay so we just need shoes… and something for jake?

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*grins at the sound of his name* Yes, something nice for Jake indeed. Shall we stop for a coffee?

Fantasia Northman-Vilf Yesss, lets! *smiles, and with a hop we leave the shop and make our way to the coffee shop* I think i’m gonna have a mocha today *looks up at you* what about you? *smiles*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Hmmm *smiling at the fun and encouragement that seems to be beaming all around Fanny* Yes, I may join you on a mocha! *linking my arm with yours I lead us to the little hidden coffee shop I had found on my previous visit*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf Ooooooh! This is a cute place. *walks over to the bar stool bit and has a look at the selection* Hmmmm… I think i’ll haaaave ….. *taps my chin* hmmm….. the mocha! *grins* annnd … ummm… a doughnut!

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*laughing at you, I glance at the menu and the delights that are on offer and order 2 mochas, a doughnut and a flapjack.* Well, that seems to be us on the drinks, why don’t you grab a seat and I’ll bring them over in a sec.

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*nods with a bright beam* Sure! *finds a clean table with no ones mess from the previous sitters, and somewhere on the edge so we don’t have people surrounding us and watch us eat like they normally do in resturants*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*waiting for the guy to make the coffees, he hands them over and says he’ll bring the cakes over. heading over to join fanny, she slids in opposite her and smiles* So then. We’ve just got shoes to get then?

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*takes a sip of my coffee and smiles* Thanks this is lush! *nods confidently* Yup! I wanna get red ones.. I think that’ll be cool.. *gives you a cute sincere look* like blood…….

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*raises an eyebrow and smirks, thinking you are going to be one heck of a tease at that place* So Blood red… stilettos I presume?

Fantasia Northman-Vilf Uh uh. *grins* If I get tips there, from the customers, they might give me more cus of my shoes! *smiles* or is that, a bit freaky.. *twists my lips unsure*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf Hmm, well I can’t really say to be sure, but as long as your happy too, that would be ok. *taking a sip of my coffee as the guy brings the cakes over*

Fantasia Northman-Vilf ‎*see’s the cakes* Mmm! *looks back at you* h-have you, ever.. been to fangtasia? *tilts my head*

Claudine TheFae Crane-Vilf ‎*Shifting slightly, a little uncomfortable* Well, I have never been in on a open night. Just when Eric’s been in. I don’t think it would be wise for me to visit during opening hours!